Cosmetic Dentistry in Fort McMurray


Everyone wants a dazzling smile. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, Fort McMurray patients have options for improving their smile! Maxx Dental Group uses various procedures to change the appearance of your teeth, whether you’ve chipped or broken them or whether medications and other agents have permanently discoloured them. Do you hate the gap between your front teeth? No problem! Our dentists in Fort McMurray can close that gap without the fuss and expense of braces. Even if you have teeth that are missing entirely, our dentists can restore your smile. For crowns, veneers and teeth whitening, Fort McMurray patients come to Maxx Dental Group. Many of our cosmetic dentistry options can actually improve your oral health.


The most common cosmetic dentistry technique these days is whitening. We can get rid of enamel stains and turn your teeth a brighter shade of white by bleaching, which will rid you of the discolouration caused by coffee, cola, tea, tobacco, wines and such deeply coloured foods as berries and tomato sauce. Here’s how it happens: after cleaning your teeth, we’ll put a shield over your gums to protect them, then you’ll insert into your mouth a tray filled with whitening solution. Next, we’ll shine a special light on your teeth to activate the solution. You’ll come back 2 or 3 times for these treatments, depending on how badly discoloured your teeth are and how white you want them to be.

If you choose the take-home teeth whitening kit, we’ll send you with the tray and the whitening solution, along with instructions for use. You’ll wear the mouthpiece for a prescribed amount of time daily, achieving your whitening goal within a week or two, usually. Whitening toothpastes also help, although they contain less potent whiteners than you’ll get at the dentist office. The abrasives in these toothpastes can remove surface stains from the enamel.



Veneers are another way to improve the appearance of your smile. These fingernail-thin shells are matched to your natural tooth colour and adhere to the front teeth to hide discolouration, chipped and broken front teeth, and unsightly gaps. Our dentists will abrade the teeth to receive the veneers in order to roughen the surface. Then we apply dental cement and affix the veneers onto the tooth/teeth for a completely natural look. The final step is trimming any extra material from the veneers for a perfect smile. This technique is not considered reversible.


Crowns are made to cover or “cap” a tooth to return it to its natural shape. If your molar is cracked, the dentists at Maxx Dental Group probably will suggest a crown to keep it intact and to strengthen it. We also fit teeth with crowns when they are worn down to a great extent, discoloured, or severely misshapen. Crowns hold dental bridges in place and cover dental implants as well.


We may suggest bonding in the case of discolouration, gaps, chips and decay, as well. We use bonded composite resins to fill teeth from which a small decayed section has been removed or to change the shape of a tooth, if necessary. You can elect to have us reshape and contour your teeth, making irregularly-shaped teeth more uniform in appearance or correcting crooked and overlapping teeth.

Get Started on a Fabulous Smile

If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry in Fort McMurray, we are here to help you achieve your smile goals. The first step is to call Maxx Dental Group and ask for an appointment. Discuss with us the things that bother you about your smile, and we will inform you of the various options available today.


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