Should You Call an Emergency Dentist?

Should You Call an Emergency Dentist?

Dentistry focuses so much on establishing regular and daily habits that we sometimes lose sight of the fact that emergencies affecting your teeth, gums, and mouth do arise. The last thing you want to be doing in case of any emergency is scrambling to know what to do. Rather than trying to figure it all out in moments of stress and anxiety, here are five situations when you should seek emergency dental care in Fort McMurray. If you or a family member are ever experiencing one of these emergencies, contact an emergency dentist near you for quick support and guidance.

Call an emergency dentist if you have a broken tooth

Your teeth are made of incredibly strong material and can withstand significant pressure — but can break. Common causes of broken teeth include sporting collisions, automobile accidents, slip and falls, acts of violence, and even simply biting down on too hard an object. Those same incidents can also cause damage and injury to your gums, tongue, and the inside of your lips and cheeks. If you’ve suffered a broken tooth or damage to the inside of your mouth in any type of incident, seek emergency dental care near you. They’ll address any risk of infection, help with the immediate pain, and may even be able to save your tooth.

Call an emergency dentist if you have unexplained or severe toothaches

Minor, fleeting, and occasional toothaches are an unfortunate fact of life. Toothaches that worsen over time rather than getting better, or that are severe rather than annoying, or that are accompanied by fever, swelling, or a bad taste or smell in your mouth are not routine. They may indicate the presence of a serious tooth infection requiring emergency treatment to prevent more serious complications.

Call an emergency dentist if you have bleeding gums

Everyone has experienced some bleeding from your gums when brushing or flossing. An isolated incident of bleeding that stops quickly is not something to be worried about — especially if you’ve already been diagnosed with gingivitis or periodontitis and are undergoing treatment. If your unexpected and unexplained bleeding persists, re-occurs time after time, or is accompanied by any swelling or pain, you should contact an emergency dentist in Fort McMurray. Let them recommend how concerned you should be, and how quickly you should see a dentist for support.

Call an emergency dentist if you have a swollen mouth or jaw

Swelling in your mouth or jaw can indicate conditions as serious as gum disease, infections, swollen lymph nodes, and even some forms of cancer. The mere presence of swelling does not indicate the presence of those issues, but swelling warrants getting in touch with an emergency dentist in Fort McMurray right away — especially if combined with any of the other symptoms on this list — so your dentist can eliminate the biggest areas of concern.

Call an emergency dentist if you taste metal in your mouth

If you have dental work in your mouth, the taste of metal can be a sign that some of that dental work is damaged or getting loose. The longer that situation persists, the more vulnerable the affected tooth is to further injury, and the greater the chance you’ll experience significant discomfort if the interior of your tooth or jaw is exposed. With time also comes an increased risk of infection due to the entry of bacteria into areas previously protected by sound dental work. Repair of dental work may not always have to be done on an emergency basis, but contact an emergency dentist near you and let them help you make that decision.

We know you don’t want to think about dental emergencies, but we also know you wouldn’t want to face a dental emergency without support. If you’re new to the area or don’t have an established dentist, get in touch with a dentist providing emergency dental care near you. You can do it before an emergency strikes, or keep the dentist’s number close at hand. But please, be in touch in any of these situations.


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