Tips To Prepare For Your Dental Sedation Appointment

Tips To Prepare For Your Dental Sedation Appointment

If the thought of visiting a dentist near you is enough to send you into nervous sweats, then you aren’t the only one. Fear of the dentist is more common than you may realize, which is why many dental clinics now offer sedation dentistry. At Maxx Dental Group, we are happy to provide sedation dentistry in Fort McMurray.


What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves the use of drugs to help patients remain comfortable and relaxed during their dental procedures. There are many kinds of sedation dentistry:

Oral sedation is administered via a prescribed pill that your dentist gives you to take about one hour before your procedure. The pill will make you feel relaxed and sleepy throughout your procedure.
Nitrous oxide sedation is a mild form of sedation that is administered via a mask placed over your nose for the duration of your procedure. This sedative will allow you to remain relaxed, and its effects will subside quickly after the mask is removed.
Intravenous sedation is administered via a small needle inserted into your vein. This is a stronger sedative, and you likely won’t remember most of your dental procedure once it is over.


Preparing for Your Appointment

Here are some basic tips for ensuring a successful sedation dentistry procedure. These will vary depending on the type of sedation you end up getting, and your dentist in Fort McMurray may provide you with specific instructions based on your unique situation. You must follow these instructions to ensure that your appointment goes smoothly and safely.

#1 Restrict Food and Drink

In most cases, you won’t be allowed to eat or drink after midnight the night before your scheduled dental procedure. For those who take medications, take them as usual with a very small sip of water.

#2 Have a Responsible Drive to Take You To and From the Appointment

Since operating a vehicle under the influence of sedation is not safe, it is imperative that you have a trusted individual drive you to and from the dental office for your appointment with a dentist near you.

#3 Remove Lenses, Jewelry, and Other Restorations

If you normally wear contact lenses, you will need to opt for glasses on the day of your appointment. You will have your eyes closed for a lot of your procedure, and it is not a good idea to have lenses in. Additionally, you should remove any jewelry that you normally wear.

We also suggest that if you have any restorations such as partial dentures, that you leave them at home for your appointment. If this is not practical, bring a container to store them in during your procedure.


Additional Considerations

If you happen to get sick before your appointment, make sure that you let your dental office know as soon as possible so they can reschedule your procedure. If you must cancel your appointment, you must contact our team as soon as you can because appointments using sedatives are scheduled very particularly.

If you would like to learn more about sedation dentistry, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team of dental professionals at Maxx Dental Group today. We are happy to provide you with options for safe and effective sedation.

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